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Parking Business Services is a consultancy business, set up to assist the parking industry, offering Expertise in Parking to existing or new car parking facility owners and/or operators.  

The services offered are based on many years of experience within the parking industry, seeing all types of car parks, some being run well, but most not running at optimal levels.  If your car park gives away too much free parking due to lax controls, poor equipment or due to unhappy customer experiences, then you can benefit from the "Expertise in Parking" on offer.

You may even worry about fraud, particularly when you think of the huge amounts of cash being handled, counted and processed.  To help reduce those 'sleepless nights' you could avail of some or all of the following:

  • Review of daily operations' procedures

  • Analysis of 'free' parking

  • Analysis of equipment performance

  • Cash Audits

  • 'Secret Shopper' events

Please see the Services section of the website for more details regarding what can be done to help your operations.

Based in Ireland but willing to travel to any part of the World where parking advice is needed. 

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